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Road to Highway! #08

It’s a dark night and a bad road with countless speed breakers, one after other, The Car headlights are not working, A small torch with really weak batteries is all I have to move in this dark night. The car fuel tank is full with a very good working engine, but again the engine and the fuel tank is helpless in front of these speed breakers and the dark night obviously.

The night is about to over, The sun shall replace the moon, and soon this road will meet a highway. Where I can be what I want, with no speed limits on the right track, where there will be no more brakes just acceleration. No speed breakers, Nothing. The sad face will smile. The party songs will replace the sad songs, it will a journey from dark to light.

Lets live a few more moments on this bad road, Lets get ready to say a goodbye to these speed breakers with a smile because soon I’ll make it to the highway very soon and shall never get to see these speed breakers again.