It’s all about You, You and only You! #02

I’ve buried my wishes even before they came to life, I’ve lost people and things that meant the world to me because of my mistakes or maybe because I was too selfish.

I didn’t get many loyal people in life and lost the ones I did, never understood every one here is fighting for something. This world is a battle field we can’t expect anyone to protect us with their sword sacrificing their self defense and even if they do it’s not going to be long. We need to stand up on our own, fight our ourselves, our dreams, our goals.


Hello Everyone! #01

Well, Let’s get started.

To something new, something different. making our own way to an unrecognized destination. It’s a bad trip and a bad route but the end will be great. The end shall be worth it.  A journey, A story of a 19 Years old guy who’s already fed up of life but there’s a small hope, He trusts Allah and his plans, He knows he will make through everything and will achieve what he wants or dreams of. I will. not now, not tomorrow but someday I will and that win will overcome all the pain.

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