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The Risk in EVERYTHING. #09 (Part 1)

There’s risk everything. everything big and great, everything known as PRICELESS comes with a ‘Risk’ tag!

Lets just take our life; That’s something purely priceless; and is Allah’s biggest creation; So if u see life in itself is a Risk. It doesn’t comes with an expiry date nor any guarantee!
It can end any-day, anytime, any second.

Moreover if you see other big things or priceless things such as Love, friendship etc is all about Risk. We don’t know if it will last forever or not. We have to take risks and belief in what we do.
in fact there’s even risk in ‘Being Yourself’ You never know if people would accept you or not the way you are but You have to risk it in order to be what you are from inside and listen to the inner voice.

There’s ALWAYS a risk of failing in EVERY great thing you do or could think of; but that doesn’t mean we stop, nothing stops, not time, not people, not anyone or anything.


One Day! #03

I’m loosing. Loosing everything I always wanted or dreamt of. The loss is constant, Nothing works the way I want. I’m use to of it now. I’ve to be strong. Very strong.

I know this is not permanent. I know one day I’ll win. That victory shall overcome my every pain. I know it will. I don’t know when and how but I know it will.
Smile will replace the tears.
I’m not hopeless. I’m Not.
It’s a dark night which will end and the sun will replace the moon until then let this moonlight and stars be my hope.