No one is a winner here! #07

Time is one of the thing that humans can never create, amend or destroy.
Time does make things better but at the end of the day if you realise You were certainly a better person few years back or even months, Not only that, the time you’re utilising at the moment will be better than that has to come.

We see people chasing their dreams, a few sad people who fail to do so and few happy who succeed. The failure cries or stands up and tries again, Gets into the race of achieving his dreams again, on the other hands the winner who already has achieved his basic goals now wants to get better. He changes his priorities, sets another goal. Bigger then his initial one. Oh, Again he’s on the same track of achieving his goal where the first looser was just different positions?

So If we see no one is a winner here. Every one is struggling for different winning points. It’s a race that shall never end. NEVER.
Somewhere between all this we forgot to *Live* ! The Happiness we seek at the end of the race is actually what we are loosing by taking part in the race or the greed to be number one!
Now lets just go back, To our childhood. Werent those days better? We were actually LIVING? The hearts were pure. The world was more beautiful. With time the race is getting harder as the number of participants is increasing.

No one wins here. No one.
Live with what you have today coz this moment is what you’ll miss some day.


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