Everthing that rise has a decline! #06

Ever noticed everything that rise has a decline? Everything.
For example when you burn a piece of wood the flames will rise and becomes greater with time, and as you increase the number of the wooden pieces it keeps getting bigger but them there comes a point where no matter how many of wooden pieces you add, The flames wont rise and eventually you’ll see the flames getting lower.

Furthermore we can take example of water as well, It evaporates, goes up, gets collected in clouds or new clouds are formed as a result to it but again when they get heavy or over loaded we experience rain, Wait, Did you notice it’s the same water that evaporated once and now its back in its initial state?

The list goes on and on, Same is the case with every living or dead in this world, Lets just talk about humans, We see people getting better and worse everyday, Be it financially, emotionally or whatever, The point in all this is that nothing is permanent. Not even your pain nor your happiness.

Life is a pendulum between happiness and pain. Lets face it.


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