Be Kind! #05

When You’ll fall, no one will support you. Everyone you expect to hold your hand will push you away and make you feel unwanted. they’ll make fun of your tears coz youre weak.
Dont react. Relax, Head Up, Theres someone up there who listens to everyone. Who knows everything. Let him take his decisions. Stand on your knees if you don’t have the power to stand on your feet. Cry your eyes out. It’s not a bad thing as long as it satisfies you and heals you.

Just remember one day you’ll stand on your own, You’ll learn how to fight, You’ll learn how to handle different situations happily but at that time of your life Be nice, Be nice to the ones who are weak like you were once, maybe your support means the world to them but they’re just too afraid to ask for it? Understand their part. Maybe they just need a few nice words to stand? Just your few nice words.

Be Kind!


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