The Risk in EVERYTHING. #09 (Part 1)

There’s risk everything. everything big and great, everything known as PRICELESS comes with a ‘Risk’ tag!

Lets just take our life; That’s something purely priceless; and is Allah’s biggest creation; So if u see life in itself is a Risk. It doesn’t comes with an expiry date nor any guarantee!
It can end any-day, anytime, any second.

Moreover if you see other big things or priceless things such as Love, friendship etc is all about Risk. We don’t know if it will last forever or not. We have to take risks and belief in what we do.
in fact there’s even risk in ‘Being Yourself’ You never know if people would accept you or not the way you are but You have to risk it in order to be what you are from inside and listen to the inner voice.

There’s ALWAYS a risk of failing in EVERY great thing you do or could think of; but that doesn’t mean we stop, nothing stops, not time, not people, not anyone or anything.

Road to Highway! #08

It’s a dark night and a bad road with countless speed breakers, one after other, The Car headlights are not working, A small torch with really weak batteries is all I have to move in this dark night. The car fuel tank is full with a very good working engine, but again the engine and the fuel tank is helpless in front of these speed breakers and the dark night obviously.

The night is about to over, The sun shall replace the moon, and soon this road will meet a highway. Where I can be what I want, with no speed limits on the right track, where there will be no more brakes just acceleration. No speed breakers, Nothing. The sad face will smile. The party songs will replace the sad songs, it will a journey from dark to light.

Lets live a few more moments on this bad road, Lets get ready to say a goodbye to these speed breakers with a smile because soon I’ll make it to the highway very soon and shall never get to see these speed breakers again.

No one is a winner here! #07

Time is one of the thing that humans can never create, amend or destroy.
Time does make things better but at the end of the day if you realise You were certainly a better person few years back or even months, Not only that, the time you’re utilising at the moment will be better than that has to come.

We see people chasing their dreams, a few sad people who fail to do so and few happy who succeed. The failure cries or stands up and tries again, Gets into the race of achieving his dreams again, on the other hands the winner who already has achieved his basic goals now wants to get better. He changes his priorities, sets another goal. Bigger then his initial one. Oh, Again he’s on the same track of achieving his goal where the first looser was just different positions?

So If we see no one is a winner here. Every one is struggling for different winning points. It’s a race that shall never end. NEVER.
Somewhere between all this we forgot to *Live* ! The Happiness we seek at the end of the race is actually what we are loosing by taking part in the race or the greed to be number one!
Now lets just go back, To our childhood. Werent those days better? We were actually LIVING? The hearts were pure. The world was more beautiful. With time the race is getting harder as the number of participants is increasing.

No one wins here. No one.
Live with what you have today coz this moment is what you’ll miss some day.

Everthing that rise has a decline! #06

Ever noticed everything that rise has a decline? Everything.
For example when you burn a piece of wood the flames will rise and becomes greater with time, and as you increase the number of the wooden pieces it keeps getting bigger but them there comes a point where no matter how many of wooden pieces you add, The flames wont rise and eventually you’ll see the flames getting lower.

Furthermore we can take example of water as well, It evaporates, goes up, gets collected in clouds or new clouds are formed as a result to it but again when they get heavy or over loaded we experience rain, Wait, Did you notice it’s the same water that evaporated once and now its back in its initial state?

The list goes on and on, Same is the case with every living or dead in this world, Lets just talk about humans, We see people getting better and worse everyday, Be it financially, emotionally or whatever, The point in all this is that nothing is permanent. Not even your pain nor your happiness.

Life is a pendulum between happiness and pain. Lets face it.

Be Kind! #05

When You’ll fall, no one will support you. Everyone you expect to hold your hand will push you away and make you feel unwanted. they’ll make fun of your tears coz youre weak.
Dont react. Relax, Head Up, Theres someone up there who listens to everyone. Who knows everything. Let him take his decisions. Stand on your knees if you don’t have the power to stand on your feet. Cry your eyes out. It’s not a bad thing as long as it satisfies you and heals you.

Just remember one day you’ll stand on your own, You’ll learn how to fight, You’ll learn how to handle different situations happily but at that time of your life Be nice, Be nice to the ones who are weak like you were once, maybe your support means the world to them but they’re just too afraid to ask for it? Understand their part. Maybe they just need a few nice words to stand? Just your few nice words.

Be Kind!

The Bird in the cage! #04

I’m here, I’m trapped. I see everyone flying, achieving what they dreamt of. Making their life better as they planned. Enjoying every moment to the fullest, and then there’s me, with dreams, aims, plans that I doubt will never turn into reality.

It’s not like I don’t have the wings to fly. I do.
I’m just in a cage. I’ve the potential. I’m just trapped. Big time.
I’m like a bird in a cage who gets the basic needs in that cage or lets just say better than the other birds in the sky but that not what satisfies the bird. Bird is destined to fly, not trapped. A free bird in a worse condition is always better than a caged bird with better conditions, so does humans with different things and situations.

Afterall we are all under the same law of nature.

One Day! #03

I’m loosing. Loosing everything I always wanted or dreamt of. The loss is constant, Nothing works the way I want. I’m use to of it now. I’ve to be strong. Very strong.

I know this is not permanent. I know one day I’ll win. That victory shall overcome my every pain. I know it will. I don’t know when and how but I know it will.
Smile will replace the tears.
I’m not hopeless. I’m Not.
It’s a dark night which will end and the sun will replace the moon until then let this moonlight and stars be my hope.

It’s all about You, You and only You! #02

I’ve buried my wishes even before they came to life, I’ve lost people and things that meant the world to me because of my mistakes or maybe because I was too selfish.

I didn’t get many loyal people in life and lost the ones I did, never understood every one here is fighting for something. This world is a battle field we can’t expect anyone to protect us with their sword sacrificing their self defense and even if they do it’s not going to be long. We need to stand up on our own, fight our ourselves, our dreams, our goals.

Hello Everyone! #01

Well, Let’s get started.

To something new, something different. making our own way to an unrecognized destination. It’s a bad trip and a bad route but the end will be great. The end shall be worth it.  A journey, A story of a 19 Years old guy who’s already fed up of life but there’s a small hope, He trusts Allah and his plans, He knows he will make through everything and will achieve what he wants or dreams of. I will. not now, not tomorrow but someday I will and that win will overcome all the pain.

Share moments, Share Life!